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Based in Stuttgart,

InSell GmbH

is a specialist for smart and sustainable solutions across key industry verticals. InSell's invaluable exposure to a multi-functional and multi-cultural environment enables it to better create value for its clients. We at Insell ensure success by promoting a fusion of different business cycles through a strategic coalescence of project, process, and implementation support. By supporting the business interests of different stakeholders ranging from urban and smart technology providers, marketers to municipal bodies and decision makers, InSell keeps abreast of the market to proactively help companies prosper in the marketplace..

A trustworthy entity

Over two decades of industry experience in multidisciplinary sectors Insell has acquired deep insights on the making of projects and the devising of cutting edge solutions. InSell's passion for success and innovation blended with its commitment to good business ethics and pioneering spirit have holistically been the very essence of its trustworthy entity. Endowed with the capability, expertise and networking skills to operate at any scale, InSell is your most reliable business partner if you want to achieve operational excellence in the marketplace.

Future focus

Today InSell has set its footprints in the sphere of key smart city solutions and has revolutionised the way business is carried out. Given that the pursuit of sustainability is deeply embedded in Insell´s core beliefs, it ensures that business is not operated at the expense of Mother Nature and in this way, it sets the basic grounds for a brighter and a more promising future for the next generations to come.