About Us

Born with the VISION

InSell was born with the vision to create a sustainable future and to make cities better places to live in. Over a decade, founders of InSell have pioneered in providing Geospatial services across our key industry vertical. Handling services across multidisciplinary sectors has enriched our technical expertise and helped us acquire invaluable foresights to look ahead at technology trends and identify key smart city solutions and sustainable technologies.

Acknowledged BRAND

We have devised integrated approaches through continual processes of R&D and innovation with our partner technology provider while simultaneously remaining in sync with the needs of our customers. As a result, within a short span of time, InSell is enjoying the position of a brand acknowledged by the leading “Mittelstand” technology and solution provider, and multi-disciplinary industrial groups, as the provider of innovative integrated Smart City Solutions.

Strong and flexible SYNERGY

InSell maintains a strong and flexible synergy, and it fosters sustained organic growth by blending it with its uncompromising dedication to its customers. The main aim of InSell is to be legendary and exploratory in smart city solutions across our focus areas and to enhance productivity, lower costs and decrease inefficiencies for city services.