We envision together

Over a decade, InSell has evaluated innovative technologies across sectors, gained systematic understanding of trends of smart city development and scope of diverse requirements generated by cities. InSell constantly upgrades its market reach by adding innovative technology providers to its platter by assessing their technical offerings and financial viability, marketability, costs and benefits in the emerging smart city markets. With each adding partners, our vision gets broader which is constantly strengthening our belief to fulfil our goal to create sustainable future.

Stage of the journey: Technical and Financial Evaluation

Tools used: Questionnaire, meetings, technical collateral

Lead role: Consulting

Aim: Freeze requirements and scope of work, locate gaps

Cumulative benefit: Holistic management (Technology Business, Culture..)

We plan together

By combining our innovation, data driven insight of the market, understanding of smart city technologies,and understanding of clients requirements, we are able to develop a workable plan which helps to avoid the pitfalls that arise from insular points of view.

Stage of the journey: Determine value proposition

Tools used: Consultation, marketing collateral

Lead role: Consulting

Aim: Foresee the hurdle

Cumulative benefit: Identify thrust areas for actions

We act together

As soon as scope of work is flagged, we interpret the ever-changing vital statistics of sector specific offerings and combine urban analytics to know the “real” solution in a particular geography. If we agree to work in a particular geography, we focus our efforts to a find a local partner and handle all challenges on behalf of our esteemed client.

Stage of the journey: Define roles and Aligning strategies

Tools used: Communication and onsite assessment

Lead role: Consulting

Aim: Optimize resources

Cumulative benefit: Win-Win for all

We manage together

Upon redressal of all issues , InSell offers its tested technology partner who joins a journey to develop a smart city development approach to leverage “Collaborative Business Excellence”. InSell constantly works on developing a “risk-free” business model which aims at minimising the risk at each stage of the venture. InSell plays a proactive role to protect business interest for both its partner and its smart city client. This innovative model ensures mutually beneficial relations to all the stakeholders. Please contact us for more details.

Stage of the journey: Manage the projects

Tools used: Project Management

Lead role: Project Coordinator

Aim: Bring forth “real” outcome of the actions

Cumulative benefit: Utilize strengths of each partner

We sustain together

This “participative” and “cooperative” approach has helped technology suppliers from German “Mittelstand” to get involved in emerging smart solution and establish themselves in geographies previously unknown to them. In the process the develop prospect to make informed decisions for larger investment even before establishing business footprints in vast and diverse marketplaces.

Stage of the journey: Aim for sustainability and growth

Tools used: Productivity, Growth strategy

Lead role: Marketer

Aim: Operational excellence

Cumulative benefit: Efficiency and growth

Insell's Innovative Approach|smart city project planning