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The “Smart” development has propelled a new phase which contributed to the immense growth of the architectural and urban planning segment. InSell, with its technology-driven insights, has worked at the interface of digital technologies and the architecture and urban planning industry for over a decade. Starting with CAD/GIS based 2D design and development, we have continued to advance the art of 3D modelling and have come a long way to Building Information Modelling (BIM) .

This change has led to manage the documentation and planning process through BIM and engage with architects, artists, engineers, planners, builders and owners on a real time basis. We represent the complete spectrum of integrated design solutions related to sustainability concepts like Automated Green houses, Smart Home, Dry Toiles, off-grid mobile living, etc. We have been rubbing shoulders with world class sustainable design and planning professionals and keeping a track of emerging trends for smart home components, door, windows, lighting, garden, wellness, floor, walls, ceiling and acoustics technologies.


InSell with its quest to provide world-class design, sustainable technologies, eco-friendly development –is exploring avenues to broaden horizons of integration of smart technology with architecture and planning segment, therefore working in tandem with the key architecture and planning consultants from Germany. Our design approach entails the assimilation of eco-friendly technologies, emerging form, Facade and Structure.

The partner network consists of renowned architects and planners in India and Germany with an extensive understanding of requirements, emerging trends in architecture, interior and its integration with Smart Components.


We have traveled a long way from architectural drafting services, construction documentation to develop high-quality cost-effective BIM models and design documentation. Our Capacity to handle project at any scale, ranging from schematic to develop complete project drawing for smart infrastructure makes us unique in our approach. Our services which harness the potential of the digital database to enhance understanding, visualization and coordination and understanding to sustainability concepts resulting in better design and more economical and productive execution.

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