Since over a decade, InSell has been active in the technology sector in Germany and EU. InSell has its roots and business experience in Europe and an in-depth knowledge of the sector associated withsmart city development. World over smart city concepts are evolving and InSell has been executing projects in multi-disciplinary sectors which form a broad spectrum of smart city development. InSell has developed an innovative model of services delivery by utilizing the strength of its cooperation partners and address the associated issues. The reference projects of InSell are spread across following key sectors

• Geospatial data processing and WebGIS
• Architecture projects by harnessing the power of BIM.
• Renewable Energy consulting
• IT project management by combining Onsite and Offshore methodology.

Where are the technology trends in Geospatial and construction industry leading to..

Come and join us at Geospatial World Forum 2019 in Amsterdam to get the firsthand experience of advancements in these technologies cutting edge technologies in collaborative and interactive platforms.

We are pleased to offer you a special discounted price ( Euro 700 instead of regular Euro 850) to participate in this event.
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