“…Cities are leveraging technologies to be healthier, safer, better places to work. We are a solution provider that helps our clients opt for smart and sustainable technologies, reduce costs by increasing efficiency and proactively help partners prosper in the marketplace. By sharing our vision with medium scale (“Mittelstand”) solution providers, our main aim is to build a more sustainable future through the assimilation of emerging ‘sustainable and smart’ concepts. ”

Building Solutions BIM

Precast Modular Housing, Smart Home

Infrastructure Solutions

Citywide Wi-Fi, E-governance

Waste Management Solutions

Waste to Wealth, Waste to Energy

Geospatial Solutions

Mapping, Asset Management, Laser Scanning

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar, Wind, Bio, Geothermal Smart Energy Storage


Green Building, BIM

Mobility Technologies

E-Mobility, Location intelligence Non-Motorized transport

Water Management

Data logger, leak detection

The world is witnessing a massive growth in the demand for affordable, more connected and livable cities. We at InSell, feel that an integrated and holistic design approach is necessary for the effective development of basic services like — water & energy, housing & transport — as well as intelligent systems that use connected access to leverage technology trends such as cloud computing, e-mobility, loT, Big Data and automation… ”


We assist our clients with our market know-how and domain knowledge blended with technical proficiency. Our sector-specific expertise enables us to understand key requirements and customize appropriate solutions. InSell offers an integrated service palette through its innovative approach and supports its clients in implementing the technology solutions. Presently we have selected following solutions as our “featured solutions”.

Construction Solutions

InSell along with its german partner RATEC, works on concept of modular housing system, a monolithic production of a room module which combines the supporting walls, floor and beams. In combination with intelligent shuttering and pumping technology, it allows a highly efficient and adaptable modular construction system based on self-compacting concrete (SCC). The rigorous development of this concept, in conjunction with Upcrete® technology and the new modular form units has opened up entirely new horizons for the industrial manufacture of residential space. Use of this technology can bring down the construction cost by 10-15 % and it could be the answer to problem of affordable housing segment.


• Monolithic product: low material efforts through monolithic construction;
• Procurement Advantage through Economy of scale;
• High Level of Prefabrication with low assembly efforts;
• Speed of production from rationalization and standardization of design;
• Greater quality control in all facets of production;
• Shorter on-site times as factory production proceeds ahead of site construction;
• Dimensional accuracy;
• Precast elements may be pre-stressed to achieve greater strength requirement and load bearing capacity;
• Extremely good fair-face concrete finish;
• Less wastage, ease of construction, less human errors;
• Health and Earthquake Safety Standards;
• Longer life and durability.
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Waste Management Solutions

InSell represents solutions from our partner "Diesoil" to turn different waste into valuable commodity energy products. Diesoil has developed a vast portfolio of patented solutions and turn key solutions to Collect, Sort and Transform dedicated waste into different commodity energy products.


•Away from conventional incineration and landfills;
•Creation of valuable energy and industrial commodities;
•Environmentally friendly;
•Profitable recycling of plastic waste.
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Energy Solutions

InSell represents energy solutions from german company UEG with Energy tube being their flagship product. UEG works  on the basic development and the standardization of mobility technologies. One of the products is Custom based modular battery (Energy Tube) and charging infrastructure to be used for variety of vehicles. Energy Tube usage for Home storage and emergency power supplies and Professional applications with variety of machines, medical and military applications.

EnergyLock is comprised of six solutions which relate to Charging Infrastructure, Vehicle security, Parking space management, Standardization, Fleet management, Service interface.


• Energy Tube offers is that its safe, robust and affordable;
• Reliable and durable with a beautiful compact shape;
• Intelligent, flexible and user friendly;
• Solutions are scalable, exchangeable, reliable and secure.
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Mobility Solutions

Together with our partner OIZOM, we offer Smart Environmental Solutions for scalable data acquisition and analytics. A variety of Hardware solutions are designed to accurately measure data and provide a basis for analytics. The solution enables real-time measurements of critical parameters like air-pollution, radiation, noise, odour, weather, and lot more. The visualization and analytic capabilities represent the data in the most intuitive way. This help the mobility providers to make data-driven decisions by actionable insights for a positive change. The product is being developed further in European context to brings the positive change at policy, infrastructure, planning, regulation and human-behaviour levels.


• streamline the operation of acquiring real time environmental data;
• Up to 50% reduction in total cost of Environment Monitoring;
• Available with self-sustainable solar-powered solution;
• Monitoring to create a real-time Pollution Map of the city;
• increasing the livability of the whole city;
• Develop price models of city mobility infrastructure.
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Infrastructure Solutions

InSell along with its german partner "Köhler Service" represents solutions which deal with thermographic inspection of photovoltaic plants. Tailor made drones are used to carry out the surveys and inspections. PV sinfrastructure require regular checks and supervision to ensure the yield and conditions. Among others flight technology is indegenously developed of a practical and easy to implement reporting system under the critical eye of our clients. This ensures optimal flight speed, altitudes, ratio of the camera angle to the angle of sunshine, influence of wind and temperature factors.

Advantages :

•Detection of any conspicuous status of PV installations related;
•Complete, fast-track overview of the entire system;
•Exact location of the abnormalities;
•Cost optimization;
•No alternative existing for roof systems.
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Geospatial Solutions

InSell is working on real-time mobile mapping platform to optimize workflow of your organization. With its Geospatial Solutions, one can collect data in online and offline mode as well as modify maps at its will. The Geospatial Data can be shared at different level in the organisations and collaborative decisions can be made. This approach helps cities to cut cost on creating data infrastructure.


• Share data internally or externally;
• Data driven decision making;
• Collaborate approach;
• Best return of investment.
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Together with its partner S-21 Arch Germany, InSell is developing a BIM solution for modular construction whether is modular housing or any other temporary structure. InSell has been developing an approach to revolutionalise the way large scale housing projects are executed. This approach is providing real-time cost and project management details for modular based construction.


• Cost effective and sustainable;
• Optimize the diverse processes in architecture project;
• Minimize human errors;
• Cost comparison with each technology choices;
• Scalable to size of project.
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Water Management

Together with its partner FAST GmbH, InSell is representing entire range of technical equipment used to detect and locate leakages on drinking-water supply pipeline network systems. These technologies are based on acoustic sensors capable to track possible leakages in urban water pipeline networks. In general, leakage detection activities are separated into zone measurement, leakage pre-locating, and pinpointing. InSell is involved in application of these technologies for diverse situations whether its continous or non-continous water supply.


• Cost effective and accurate measurement;
• Significantly contribute to reduce drinking water losses;
• Financial, social and environmental benefits associated with water;
• Planning and building city water infrastructure;
• Basis for Smart Water Management.
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InSell has identified eight thrust areas to work in unison for sustainable, efficient and livable future. Developing smart cities upon the these/those eight sectors is crucial for achieving sustainability goals given that cities are facing enormous financial and technological challenges. Only Top down software-centric IT-led approach for building smart cities, which analyzes “big data” is yet to make the measurable impact on sustainability. Therefore, InSell has devised a bottom-up approach to smart city development which is based on the belief that success can be achieved through the transition to “smart” operations by improving critical city infrastructure and services at a fundamental level and integrate their systems through advanced technology for monitoring and decision making. Presently, this infrastructure-first approach is acknowledged by many cities to prepare the roadmap for an efficient, livable and a sustainable city.

InSell supports its clients with its consulting services which combine market sector insight of best-in-class technologies, integrated approach and innovation at the planning stage and “collaborative excellence” of its local and global partners.

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