Building Industry

Technology Sphere

Construction sector is experiencing low productivity largely due to gaps in planning and delays in dissemination of information. Our long-term association with emerging construction technologies, civil and infrastructure projects, and research on building materials and construction equipment serve as the bases to devise best approaches, handle sustainability issues and innovate solutions which lead to smart and sustainable Construction.

Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) further resolves these challenges by simulating physical space and expressing design intent graphically, thus providing a clearer image of design conflicts and construction issues. InSell is constantly upgrading its understanding in BIM and inventing project management approaches which save time and cost.



The construction industry globally is undoubtedly one amongst the most thriving sectors of the economy. InSell has been working with state of the art construction technologies with innovative construction equipment providers, product suppliers and project management companies from Germany in order to innovate solutions for growing needs of affordable housing segment among others. These technologies play a pivotal role to provide housing within a short time and handle challenges to provide solutions to those living without roof over their head.

InSell , though its stint in construction equipment market research for housing sector, has developed a sound understanding of challenges faced by growing housing sector. Currently InSell is devising BIM-led approaches to increase productivity in infrastructure projects.


We are one of the few who harness the potential of emerging construction technologies to find solutions to growing challenges by providing affordable housing within a short time span. The idea is to provide innovative technology solutions, optimized processes and keep the project cost at minimum. The conviction that Building Information Modelling (BIM) will play a key role in the future viability of the Building sector is firmly anchored in our approached and constitutes a central element in all design projects.

InSell is in the process of developing modular housing with precast modules with integrated energy and waste management technologies. The design consists of modular precast elements of different sizes which are analysed in BIM system to develop a cost effective design, understand design conflicts and issues related to time, cost and on site implementation.

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