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Geospatial data coming from advanced mapping technologies like Digital Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, UAV, LiDAR and GPR based Mapping and its convergence with smart sensor data are becoming important ingredients to facilitate decision making in sustainable urban planning and smart city development.

Geospatial component together with ICT technologies play a key role to develop efficient city services like mobility management, asset management, public administration, e-governance etc. A web-based mapping environment together with provision of could base services platforms ensure data driven analysis and decision making. Geospatial mobile platforms make it easier to visualize, interpret and organize relevant data coming from various stakeholders on real time basis.


Geospatial technologies and services are integral part of all our technology offerings whether its water leak detection or solar potential analysis using drones, we integrate the datasets to GIS systems. InSell strives to harness the potential of these mapping technologies and explores innovative use of GIS based planning across all sectors associated with Smart City Development.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge and innovate to develop integrated cross-sectoral approaches to collect, manage, compile, analyze and visualize spatio-temporal information for sustainable urban planning, development and management which functions in a cloud environment.


With over a decade experience in this sector in German and European projects, we have developed our expertise ranging from basic geospatial data processing to the development of web-based open source cost-effective solutions. We also combine a mature set of industry-standard tools and state-of-the-art custom-made solutions to draw our consulting strength for smart city planning.

We are one of the few who helps clients make informed decision to choose the best technology and maximize the return on their investment in Geospatial Data Infrastructure.  We further help them to develop a variety of GEO-IT solutions across multi-disciplinary areas covering Energy, Environment, Utility and Mobility sectors.


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