Technology Sphere

Integration of smart sensors and digital technology to city infrastructure has opened up new possibilities to smart city domain. Citywide wi-fi, E-Governance, smart security, environment monitoring, machine learning to name a few, enjoy intense attention and these last few years have witnessed an unprecedented demand.

InSell has been researching on these technologies and emerging "Smart" concepts being adopted by Smart Cities. Founders of InSell have been involved in research publications in these topics and have acquired crucial insight for implementing these concepts to make cities connected and sustainable.


The future belongs to self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, Artificial Intelligence which change the whole paradigm of city planning. The decision making is becoming more data driven and data driven prediction has been more and more common to optimize service delivery. InSell, while closely keeping an eye on developments, is presently partnering with Smart Security and environment monitoring solutions which are to be implemented in the German and European markets. InSell aims at working with competent alliance partners to provide these solutions to emerging smart cities and develop innovative approaches to make cities efficient, healthier and safer.


InSell adds value with its extensive experience in project development and integration of urban analytics with innovative solutions. We are in the process of developing partnerships for the implementation of joint projects under various smart cities programs in Europe and Asia. We are networked with hidden champions of innovative solutions and developing collaborations with universities and research institutions like Fraunhofer in Germany and TERI in India. This enables us to develop high-level technical and managerial competence and innovate solutions to everyday challenges in cities.

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