Technology Sphere


Economic growth entails increasing transport demands and cities are constantly in need of more seamless, economic and sustainable mobility solutions. InSell has associated itself with key technology innovators which are pioneer in providing sustainable transport solutions with integrated, networked approaches. This enables InSell to work on developing e-Mobility concepts on one side and identify relevant technology solutions at an early stage. InSell is constantly keeping abreast to the emerging mobility concepts vis a vis technologies to cater for diverse requirements.




InSell cooperates closely with key German organizations to develop mobility solutions for emerging cities globally. We are in the process of developing partnerships for the implementation of joint projects under various smart cities programs in EU and Asia. This involvement opens immense possibilities for technology innovators to devise solutions in this segment. The focus areas of these innovations are Non motorized transport, real time tracking and management of vehicles and dynamic price model for urban mobility. Our participation in this sector enables us to be equipped with high-level technical competencies to devise innovative solutions and gain managerial competencies for devising innovative mobility approaches for every day mobility challenges in urban areas.




InSell is pioneering in GIS data processing for mobility segment and extending competence to use geodata to develop diverse mobility applications. InSell has developed a technology driven insight for E-mobility, smart traffic management, intelligent parking management, and has advanced to design real time fleet management system. InSell being part of various research partnerships also works on concepts like car sharing, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous vehicles and specializes in sustainable transportation planning and project development that is responsive to environmental concerns.