Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Technology Sphere

Energy requirements are increasing globally with buildings, water and transport, which are three largest energy consumers in cities. Smart and integrated urban energy systems are being developed into the market and in the last decade, there has been experiencing swift advancements in Solar Energy, Wind Energy and rapid downfall of the prices. A lot of attention is given to the Alternative Energy Sources of the future like Biomass, Geothermal Energy Solutions. Likewise, there has been new developments in energy storage solutions. By choosing a right combination of system, optimized solutions and implementation of energy storage systems, smart cities gains a best return of their investment. InSell, together with its partners, acts as a single point of responsibility to develop roadmap of renewable energy implementation, thus minimizing project risk and complexity for its clients.


World over, governments are evaluating newer renewable energy sources and setting up ambitious targets to grow supply from Renewable Energy Technologies massively in the next few years. InSell has developed a valuable market sector insight of emerging economies and has been involved in technical and economic evaluation of emerging Solar, Wind technologies and alternative energy Sources of the future. Advent of decentralized power generation from renewable sources has given rise to innovation in Energy storage Solutions. Today, market is witnessing innovation in Energy Storage Solutions integrated with "smart" applications to ensure high-quality energy supplies through a range of applications and turnkey solutions offered by companies. InSell has gained key insight of the market in the energy storage solutions.


InSell has acquired crucial insight of renewable energy sector through market research of technology solutions for building and mobility sector. InSell has got involved as knowledge partner to governments on technology transfer, project-development, and localization of technology solutions.


InSell is working in cooperation with technology providers from Germany to develop comprehensive energy strategy encompassing rooftop solar panels/system, energy management of built-up areas, decentralized smart grid, smart metering, smart energy storage, control and better operation of grid networks. Presently, InSell is involved in the development of sustainability concepts using smart modular batteries and a concept of BioEnergy village in cooperation with a German Mittelstand technology supplier in line with the concept of “smart villages” across the globe.