Water Management

Technology Sphere

The water sector is currently passing through a phase in its history in which both the key operational aspects of a water distribution system (asset management, leak management, water quality monitoring) and the customers’ end (automated meter reading and water conservation) are experiencing important transformations. Without a proper information system and knowledge management, efficient and effective water supply would just be an illusion.

With the advent of digitization and automation, automatic remote harvest of data at site and wireless transmission to a central system for monitoring and analysis have become possible. Sensors, meters, digital controls and analytic tools are increasingly becoming handy when it comes to the automation, monitoring and controlling of the transmission and distribution of water.


In the pursuit of a more sustainable and resilient water infrastructure, a fast-growing need is being felt to leverage innovative technologies. That said, many of the operational processes such as water leakage checks, water quality checks and meter readings, are still done manually. This poses a real struggle for water authorities who are striving to ensure an efficient delivery of water of good quality as well as maintaining water leakages at the minimum possible level.

InSell, in association with key innovators in this sector has made its name known in key operation aspects particularly acoustic leak detection and expertise in develop Smart Water Management strategy for urban region.


InSell has embraced this challenge and hence, in the quest to deter the wastage of potable water and to develop approaches to smart water management, InSell has established strategic partnerships with German companies so as to be able to devise innovative strategies and solutions. InSell together with German Technological providers in the water sector offer these solutions in the water-related sector in order to automate, monitor and control the transmission and distribution of water.

InSell has not only developed integrated approaches to enhance planning and network operations of urban water supply, but it has also envisioned the use of real-time sensors in the monitoring and checking of the quantity and quality of water throughout the network. Smart sensors contribute to the minimisation of water losses by swiftly identifying and localising leaks, and hence, stress in pipes can be detected at an earlier stage which in turn enables proactive actions to be taken to mitigate the risk of pipe bursts.