The “Smart” development has propelled a new phase which contributed to the immense growth of the architectural segment. This change has led to the need of world-class products, sustainable technologies, eco-friendly Interior – exterior materials as well as sustainable construction techniques. We, at InSell GmbH, understand the broadening horizons of integration of smart technology with architecture, and therefore working in tandem with the key architecture and planning consultants from Germany.
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We represent the complete spectrum of Integrated design solutions related to following concepts:

• Automated Green houses, Smart Home, Dry Toiles, off-grid mobile living units
• Eco-friendly and sustainable Interior and exterior designing
• Emerging Technologies for door, windows, lighting, garden, wellness, floor, walls, ceiling, acoustics etc
• Design and Engineering considering renewable energy technologies
• Emerging Form, Facade and Structure

The partner network consists of renowned Architects in India and Germany with an extensive understanding of requirements, emerging trends in architecture, interior and its integration with Smart Components. InSell is currently participating in diverse architectural projects which utilize “Smart and sustainable” solutions offerred by our partners.


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