The construction industry globally is undoubtedly one amongst the most thriving sectors of the economy.Our-Building- Industry-Infographics

Our long term association with architectural and civil works, technology partnerships, business development and handling of diverse execution issues serves as the basis to innovate solutions in this area. We are one of the few who identify key sustainable construction technologies and its usage in context to developing countries. This enables our clients to handle issues pertaining to costs, identify underlying gaps and address sustainability issues.

We have been working with state of the art construction technologies on affordable housing segment. We have taken on the challenge to provide solution to those living without roof over their head. We support end customers to get connected with sourced actors acting in the Asian affordable housing segment sector to build a lifelong relationship and bring homes to the masses. Key Solutions available in building and construction vertical are:

• Construction technologies to develop Modular Housing targeted to affordable housing segments
• Diverse Precast and prestressed Concrete technology solutions
• Integrated housing with modular energy storage solutions
• Heating and cooling Solutions
• Integrated housing with Waste to Energy Modules

We have a niche to carve out customized strategies with specific knowledge of this sector. We add value to devise an individual strategy by defining methods of operation and functions.

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