Smart infrastructure enjoys intense attention and last few years have witnessed an unprecedented demand. InSell has been researching on state-of-the-art technologies in this domain and emerging “Smart” concepts being adopted by Smart Cities. Founders of InSell have been involved in research publications in these topics and have acquired crucial insight for following:
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• Citywide wi-fi and internet access
• Infrastructure for E-Governance
• Grid Connected smart energy infrastructure.
• eMobility Infrastructure
• M2M/ IoT and emerging concept on fleet management, car telematics etc

InSell offers advisory services which includes custom market research tailored to clients requirements including focused research papers, business case analysis, go-to-market strategies and bespoke market forecasting. InSell aims at working with competent alliance partners to provide these solutions to emerging smart cities. In Addition, InSell supports its client with:

• Facilitation and support for Technology transfer, Training and skill development.
• Localization of products, technology and practices.

InSell adds value with its extensive experience in project development and integration of urban analytics. Please contact us for more information.


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