Mobility Technologies

Economic growth entails increasing transport demands. Corporates urgently needs better mobility services and transport infrastructure. InSell has associated itself with technology providers which are pioneer in providing sustainable transport solutions and innovative technologies. InSell cooperates closely with key organizations to develop mobility solutions for emerging cities globally. This involvement opens up immense possibilities for technology providers to do business in this segment. The key areas which InSell has developed its technology implementation insight is:
• E-Mobility and allied solutions
• Smart Traffic Management
• Location Intelligence
• Non-motorized transport systems i.e. Cycle
• Intelligent multi-level Parking Systems / Shared Parking
• Smart Street Lights
• ITS / ITS for traffic and bus management / Smart Signaling

We are in the process of developing partnerships for the implementation of joint projects under various smart cities programs. We are networked with key experts in mobility, universities and research institutions like Fraunhofer in Germany and TERI in India. This enables us to develop high-level technical and managerial support for project execution and innovate solutions to every day mobility challenges.

Mobility Technologies

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