Waste Management

Most of the cities in developing countries are struggling to manage the waste especially in Metro cities and economic hubs.Waste-Management-Infographics

Waste management systems and practices in Germany are one of the most efficient and technologically advanced. InSell has acquired crucial insight of this sector through implementation of technology solutions for :

• Waste Collection
• Waste Transport and disposal
• Waste Storage and Segregation
• Waste Processing and Treatment

Our expertise include devising tailor made innovative waste management strategy for cities in developing countries , by taking into account the diverse socio-cultural and economic context. InSell provide complete end to end consulting to manage waste from municipal bodies, industrial setups, agricultural and hazardous waste. InSell is specialized in technology implementation of best practices in the following key concepts:

• Waste to Energy
• Waste to Plastic
• Waste to Wealth
• Solid Waste Management
• Recycling

Presently InSell is working with leading technology providers in Germany and Switzerland to develop operational excellence in generation of power and heat from the thermal recycling and disposal of waste.

Waste Management

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