Water Management

Water is a critical issue for all the living organisms on our planet. Only the 0.3 % of the all water present on the Earth is available to living organisms on the surface as fresh water. Due to human activity most of this water presents permanent high pollution degree and therefore it cannot be consumed or used for agricultural purposes without previous treatment.
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Developing countries, with insufficient and inefficient water regulation policies, face the biggest challenges in terms of availability of potable water. In these regions dirty water, commonly derives from mining, industrial effluents and domestic activities, which seriously threaten the natural environment.

Insell has taken this issue to heart and together with leading German companies has developed innovative strategies and ideas to prevent drinking water to be wasted and to efficiently treat polluted water streams. According to our philosophy, today’s technology developments allow us to consider wastewater as an opportunity, and not a load anymore. This can be achieved by transforming a wastewater treatment plant into a resource recovery plant. The principle is based on the bio-based economy; an economy which aims to support products and materials, made from biobased feedstock.

Through our network of local expertise, local governments and municipalities, InSell together with German Technological providers offers the following key-solutions in the water related sector:

• Resource recovery wastewater plant
• Disinfection and deodorization plant
• Anaerobic processes system
• Leak detection
• Rainwater storage tanks

For more information on our approach to water related issues and projects, please visit us on Approach page.

Water Management

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