InSell offers an integrated suite of services across its industry expertise and known for innovative approach and service delivery. We have helped clients in selecting state of the art technical solutions to address the diverse requirements of emerging smart cities and devising an approach to implement them more effectively with our project partners. InSell adds value with its multi-disciplinary professional approach and utilizing its extensive knowledge along with expertise available with technology providers. Our team of highly experienced professionals, draws upon expertise and insight that helps make technology transfer and implementation, a reality.

The effectiveness of our services is increased with our 'Partnering' approach as we work closely with our technology providers. This approach enables us to scale up our capacities to handle requirements coming out of Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, corporate group or an innovative startup company. We consciously and constantly tailor our service portfolio which ranges from consulting to project implementation, to meet the specific requirements.

Smart city Services provided by InSell GmbH

Service Portfolio

Construction and BIM
BIM SERVICESInSell offers technically fulfilling and cost saving Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services. We have a capacity to create 3D BIM Modelling and, visualizing all the schematic structures, BIM content creation, Scan to BIM from LIDAR and Standard Development and documentation. We take advantage of best-in-class technology from market leaders such as Autocad, Revit, Allplan, Solidworks, Inventor, Sketchup and other software to deliver comprehensive range of services to variety of our clients. This helps our clients to save time and cost and develop project documentation in a short time.This adds value to stakeholders through visualizing design and construction processes, improved communication, utilize construction techniques and communicate outcomes at any stage. Kindly download our brochure( in English) highlighting some of our key service areas in BIM: Click here to download!
BIM ADVISORYWe have a niche to carve out customized strategies with specific knowledge of this construction sector for selection and implementation of BIM for precast concrete technology planning and management. We work with leading construction technology and construction equipment providers from Germany and keep ourselves abreast with marketplace outside Germany. Our BIM led construction project planning improves cost reliability, visualize construction processes, fabrication and quantity assessments.
BUILDING INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCHMarket sector insight of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and BIM Market particularly Germany, China, India and middle East. Adoption of BIM based construction techniques, construction market trends particularly precast modular construction, web based construction management, constructability analysis and trends pertaining to BIM based planning, design, visualization, processes, costing and facilities management. This market insight of construction sector helps clients immensely while devising an individual strategy by defining methods of operation and functions in marketplace.
Waste Management


Our associations with leading waste treatment technology providers in Europe and networking with Smart Waste Management Solution providers globally form a basis for developing our offerings in high-tech waste management solutions. The unique combination of smart waste solutions, advance waste treatment technologies, market sector insight and competence in integration and management of associated services makes us unique to design, construct and build Smart Waste Management facilities at any scale and develop strategies to maintain them with sufficient cost benefit.


InSell is today “one stop shop” to get a comprehensive range of smart waste management offerings from Europe. We help our clients to select best waste treatment technologies and offers consulting on cost effective approaches to maintain waste management facilities at any scale. InSell constantly utilizes its technical compliance from other associated sectors to design innovative waste management strategies for a city. Please get in touch with us to know some of the innovative approaches for Waste Management.


InSell offers its advisory on waste management sector on strategic business areas which result from adapting to market developments. InSell helps investors to design a business plan through analysis of waste management market analysis, competitions, emerging technology trends, market-sector insights and help devising strategies to establish a waste management facility in countries like India, China and Middle East. InSell continuously adds new market insights of technologies which ranges from environmentally friendly “Waste to Energy” to “Waste Analytics solution”.


Advice on emerging smart and sustainable waste management technology choices (type, scale and viability) which leads to successful implementation of emerging waste management concept for small cities to a megacity. Together with its partners, InSell is developing smart concept pertaining to waste logistics and routing, Waste Monitoring, Waste treatment, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal. Kindly get in touch for more information.

Renewable Energy


Given that energy is our core vertical, we confer on our customers a plethora of services ranging from site selection, topography and geotechnical surveys to feasibility reports, environmental and social impact evaluations to make sure they are endorsed at each and every step of their project development.


We put at your disposal class system integrator services that encompass not only large scale/utility scale solutions but also micro grid ones. Our data and GIS platforms can make optimal use of accumulated data and yield intelligence and predictive analytics.


This encompasses meticulous development of environmental and social management plans and ESIA reports to be used in site assessments intended for renewables and infrastructure projects. Together with our partners, we put at your disposal an integrated approach that enspheres not only the aspects of environmental and social baselining, but also the impact assessment.


This comprises of topographic surveys that make use of the most sophisticated and cost-effective technology options with the main aim to help stakeholders comprehend land topography with contours, Digital Elevation Maps, and aspect ratio maps. These datasets are often employed in site volumetric analyses, etc.


Develop insight for strategic decision-making related to the development of solar projects. By digging into the sphere of solar resource, meteorological, geographic data and PV power potential, we lift the veil on the most propitious locations to ensure optimal deployment of solar power plants. We make handy meticulous site adaptability reports grounded on sunshine duration in hours, local climate / meteorological stations, and genuine ground-mounted sensors.



InSell has been networking with product and solutions provider in Mobility and Sustainable Transport from Germany. On account of its long-term association with geospatial data projects in mobility sector, today InSell is in a position to add value with its extensive experience in project development and integration of emerging mobility concept for sustainable transport. InSell utilises its multi-disciplinary knowledge to integrate mobility concepts with smart components which help develop a smart mobility strategy to a city.


InSell offers to develop Geographic data, digital maps, Elevation data using GIS from a variety of technologies namely LiDAR, UAV and Photogrammetry. These geographic data are useful to develop mobility strategy of a smart city and develop a variety of mobility applications while integrating sensor-based data. InSell also helps clients in developing internet applications and routing applications for mobility. Kindly get in touch with us for more details.


InSell offers custom market research tailored to Mobility according to unique mobility challenge faced by cities. Owing to orientation towards sustainability, InSell is able to make tactical and strategic changes on its findings and develop business case analysis, go-to-market strategies and bespoke market forecasting.



InSell is adding to the digital value of the city by integrating innovative smart and location based concepts for cities. InSell help preparing and designing citywide wi-fi and Li-Fi services, integrate location based concepts to different digital components to create value for cities, citizens, visitors and retailers. Kindly contact us for range of digital services with emerging concepts.


Analysis and interpretation of pool of the urban data to generate value in the marketplace. InSell helps developing the smart and sustainable infrastructure by understanding the patterns and trends of diverse datasets available in urban environment. InSell currently works with environment and security data analysis to make cities secure and healthier.


We assist in evaluation of the economic impact of ICT implementation in urban environment which helps companies assess the market and develop business cases. This helps cities and companies to design their digital strategy and understand the market potential of the areas they are active in or planning to enter.


Together with business partner, InSell offers complete suite of Video Intelligence products and solutions for security and surveillance market. These include security video analytics, image signal processing, face recognition and diverse security solutions for smart home and retail markets. Kindly contact us for more information.



InSell offers custom market research tailored to Mobility according to unique mobility challenge faced by cities. Owing to orientation towards sustainability, InSell is able to make tactical and strategic changes on its findings and develop business case analysis, go-to-market strategies and bespoke market forecasting.


We have in-house capacities for GIS Data Conversion which range from simple digitization to creating 3D models of Cities. We have longstanding experience for post processing of GIS, airborne and terrestrial LIDAR, digital Photogrammetry and geographic data coming from emerging mapping technologies like UAVs, drones and variety of mobile based systems. We are well versed in creating and managing of large geographic datasets as well as developing diverse applications (also mobile apps) while integrating smart data. The portfolio is really large in geospatial services. Please contact us for complete range of geographic data services.


InSell adds value with its extensive experience in web based geospatial application development which also utilize its sector specific knowledge. InSell also helps clients developing initial concepts and designs of application by incorporating or linking geospatial and smart components, 2D and 3D geospatial datasets and integration of sector specific requirements.



InSell helps architects enhance digital value of architecture interior and exterior projects by integrating innovative smart and digital concepts. InSell helps preparing digital strategy to diverse projects ranging from smart home to smart infrastructure.


Our company offers assitance in the field of architecture projects with digitally connected concepts by incorporating or linking digital and smart components. We help to develop CAD and BIM documentation through using 3D digital model comprising the full scope of a project. InSell has expertise in BIM and is networking with smart technology providers from Germany. We help to create value to clients and develop projects which are sustainable, smart and future ready.


We offer market sector insight of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) particularly in Germany, China, India and middle East. Furthermore, we can supply you with market insight of interior and exterior products, smart technologies, emerging concepts, and trends pertaining to BIM based planning, design, visualization, processes, costing and facilities management. This insight of Architecture sector helps clients immensely while proposing a project and developing digital strategies.

Water Management


InSell represents the complete range of services associated with innovative Leak Detection Systems developed by its partner from Germany to identify Visible & Invisible leaks to reduce the leakages in water supply in cities. The services broadly cover Zone measurement using immobile or mobile meters and localizing leaks with the help of acoustic signals. The whole leak detection system is integrated with GIS system to develop further applications.


Through the integration of Smart Solutions with industry leaders from Germany, InSell is developing innovative Smart Water Management concepts to automate, monitor and control the transmission and distribution of water. InSell is constantly gaining deeper understanding of framework of concept of WATER 4.0 which involved smart water management technologies and processes.


InSell is able to carve a niche when it comes to GIS based integrated planning approach for Urban Water Supply network. InSell has captured Water Networks of cities in Germany in GIS which including attributes for pipes, valves, pumps, meters and other facilities. Now InSell is all set to offer services on Integration of GIS to existing asset management and develop Customised GIS application for water management.

Integrated Approach

The service portfolio of Insell is spread across its industry expertise. Broadly, the service profile contains providing strategic consulting, selecting technologies, handling Data and interfacing of digital technologies to sector specific expertise. While specific offerings of a sector differ from each other, the associated service profiles share common offering in some of the sectors. While BIM is common to both Building and Architecture sector, Geospatial service profiles are associated with Water, Waste and Mobility sector.

InSell has created an innovative approach to select the offerings from a vast palette of service profiles across sector. This enables the clients to tailor the service profile according to specific requirements which otherwise have to be selected from multiple consultants. InSell today has over 50 technology partnerships to cater the needs of emerging smart cities. InSell draws upon its strength from these partners who are pioneer in their respective areas.

InSell adds value with its multi-disciplinary professional approach and utilizing its extensive knowledge along with expertise available with technology providers. The effectiveness of our services is increased with our collaborative excellence which enables us to scale up our capacities to handle requirements coming out of Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, corporate group or an innovative startup company.