The “BINternet”: for smart waste management

Dustbins Digitalisation and Garbage Collection Route Optimisation This so called “BINternet” focuses on a smart collection method to optimize cities’ waste management practices. It suggests building a real-time data tracking system and then solve an optimised collection road for garbage

Towards Smart Water Management through water tax restructuring

Water tax is based on how many cubic metres of water a household uses. Generally, water tax is based only on water consumption intake shown in water meter and does not include rainwater going to drain pipes. A substantial quantity

Alternative Mobility Options & Geospatial Solutions

In a rapidly changing world, E-mobility and Geospatial technologies are the key to sustainable development. Germany, amidst the buzz of new means of transportation like e-mobility is still characterized as country with  highly developed public transport systems. New strategies are

Acoustic Leak Detection Logger: The Patrol of the Groundwater System

  This project aims to introduce an acoustic water leakage detection method and its applications. By comparing it to the other leakage detection methods, its advantages and limitations will be discussed. Then, we will analyse its two case studies in