Technology Index

InSell presently deals with the following technologies across its industry expertise

✓ Precast Modular Housing development

✓ Heating and cooling solutions

✓ Waste Collection

✓ Waste Transport and disposal

✓ Waste Storage and Segregation

✓ Waste Processing and Treatment

✓ Waste to Energy

✓ Waste to Plastic

✓ Waste to Wealth

✓ Solid Waste Management

✓ Recycling

✓ Solar Energy

✓ Wind Energy

✓ Energy from Biomass

✓ Geothermal Energy Solutions

✓ Smart Energy storage Solutions

✓ E-Mobility and allied solutions

✓ Smart Traffic Management

✓ Location Intelligence

✓ non-motorized transport systems i.e. Cycle

✓ Intelligent multi-level Parking Systems / Shared parking

✓ Smart Street Lights

✓ ITS / ITS for traffic and bus management / Smart Signaling

✓ Citywide wi-fi and internet access

✓ Infrastructure for E-Governance

✓ Grid Connected smart energy infrastructure.

✓ eMobility Infrastructure

✓ M2M/ IoT and emerging concept on fleet management, car telematics etc

✓ Developing basis for smart city development through GIS Mapping of Assets

✓ Integrating Geo-Intelligence & Analytics to urban system and processes

✓ High precision surveys, deployment of UAV techniques and related equipments

✓ Solar Energy mapping and optimization of energy networks using GIS

✓ Laser Scanning for indoor and outdoor

✓ BIM and 3D modeling

✓ Development of applications for municipalities and E-Governance

✓ Automated Green houses, Smart Home, Dry Toiles, off-grid mobile living units

✓ Eco-friendly and sustainable Interior and exterior designing

✓ Emerging Technologies for door, windows, lighting, garden, wellness, floor, walls, ceiling, acoustics etc

✓ Design and Engineering considering renewable energy technologies

✓ Emerging Form, Facade and Structure

✓ Resource recovery wastewater plant

✓ Disinfection and deodorization plant

✓ Anaerobic processes system

✓ Leak detection

✓ Rainwater storage tanks