Mobility Solutions

Together with our partner OIZOM, we offer Smart Environmental Solutions for scalable data acquisition and analytics. A variety of Hardware solutions are designed to accurately measure data and provide a basis for analytics. The solution enables real-time measurements of critical parameters like air-pollution, radiation, noise, odour, weather, and lot more. The visualization and analytic capabilities represent the data in the most intuitive way. This help the mobility providers to make data-driven decisions by actionable insights for a positive change. The product is being developed further in European context to brings the positive change at policy, infrastructure, planning, regulation and human-behaviour levels.


• streamline the operation of acquiring real time environmental data;

• Up to 50% reduction in total cost of Environment Monitoring;

• Available with self-sustainable solar-powered solution;

• Monitoring to create a real-time Pollution Map of the city;

• increasing the livability of the whole city;

• Develop price models of city mobility infrastructure.

Mobility Solutions

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