Geospatial Solutions


Use of ICT and advanced mapping technologies like

digital photogrammetry, remote sensing, smart sensors, UAV, LiDAR and GPS based mapping

are all forming a basis for sustainable urban planning and smart city development.

Geospatial component together with ICT technologies plays an important role to develop efficient city services like

smart transportation, public administration, governance

etc. A cloud based mapping environment together with interactive web maps helps decision makers to visualize (also in 3D), interpret and organize relevant data coming from various stakeholders.


With over a decade experience in this sector in Germany and European projects, we have developed our expertise which ranges from basic mapping to development of web based solutions. We combine a mature set of tools and our long lasting experience to develop our consulting strength in this area. We are one of the few who help clients make informed decision to choose cost effective mapping options for big infrastructure projects across Energy, Environment, Utility and mobility sectors.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge and innovate to develop integrated cross-sectoral approaches to collect, manage, compile, analyze and visualize spatio-temporal information for

sustainable urban planning

, development and management which functions in a cloud environment.


Urban/Land use planning, waste and water management, solar potential analysis, smart utilities metering and grid, energy efficient planning for buildings, development of smart energy grid / renewable energy framework, asset management, e-governance.