Waste management solutions


Cities are gearing up to streamline the waste collection, transport, storage and treatment processes with the help of innovative smart technologies. A balanced combination of selection of technology, knowledge and expertise is important to develop

smart waste management

strategy. Waste management systems and practices in Germany are one of the most efficient and technologically advanced.

InSell along with its partners has developed innovative approaches to turn waste into valuable energy and wealth products. In line with its vision to sustainable development, InSell is slowly developing itself to “one-stop-shop” to convert plastic into fuel.


Most of the emerging metro cities and economic hubs in developing countries are struggling to manage waste. These cities require tailor made innovative waste management strategy by taking into account local and regional context like waste composition, type and diverse socio-cultural and economic context. InSell is also working with leading technology providers in Germany and Switzerland to develop operational excellence in the generation of power, steam as well as heat from thermal treatment.


InSell has acquired crucial insights into technology offerings of this sector which deal with smart waste collection, transportation and processing keeping in mind the sustainability issues. Together with best technology partners, InSell provides complete “end to end” consulting to manage waste from municipal bodies, industrial setups, agricultural and hazardous waste.

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